The Quantified Self

Directed By  Gleb Osatinski

Written By  Danielle Ellen & Gleb Osatinski


Lozinski  Nando Del Castillo

Claire  Maggie Fine

Daniela1  Charlotte Ruley

Daniela2  Madeleine Ruley

Executive Producers

Owen Lipstein

Kate Bolotnaya


Imoto Harney

Directory of Photography   Jarin Blaschke

Production Designer   Molly Coffee

Editor   Hilary Peabody

Music   Romain Collin

Visual Effects   Kely McClung

Visual Effects   Raymond Wood

VFX Graphics   Jill Hartman

Line Producer/Assistant Director   Imoto Harney

Production Coordinator   Lindsay Sperling

Art Director   Sally Del Castillo

Wardrobe   Bianca Del Castillo

Prop Master   Haddid Bezama

Carpenter   Ryan Moore

Assistant Art Director   Nando Del Castillo

Hair and Makeup   Ashley Skelly, Dancing With Scissors

First Assistant Camera   Eric Ugland

Second Assistant Camera   David Brown

Gaffer   Jarrett Sexton

Spark   Seth Eltz

Key Grip   Wes Eastin

Production Sound   Ace Harney

Colorist   Gabriele Turchi

Sound Design and Mix:

Greg Smith

Music Mix:

Jeremy Loucas

Romain Collin

Very special Thanks:

The Kickstarter film backers who helped to raise funds for the production!

Additional Thanks:

Shakespeare on the Hudson

The Stewart House

Equipment Rental Houses: